August 1

Common Video Conferencing Myths

Every new technology, when introduced or unveiled, goes through this phase where there are numerous presumptions and assumptions formed and circulated about it. These observations, mostly passed on unverified and untested gradually subside once more and more people start using and benefiting from it.

Same goes for the benefits of video conferencing technology. For a large number of businesses across the globe, video conferencing technology is changing the way people do business and transact every day. Yet, there are many myths associated with video conferencing which keep many other people and organisations from adopting it and take advantage of. Here, we put together some common misconceptions that we hear around so that you may check these against your own requirement. You might realise that video conferencing is much larger and helpful than what it is made to appear by the people who resist technology and change.

July 31

Top video conferencing trends to look out for in 2017

Globalisation started with, and still remains the fulcrum of, business, with video conferencing as the logical extension of that vision. Growth of globalised business community spurred the need for advance, more reliable communication technologies to facilitate connections and conversation in real time with ease. Business communication technology has witnessed significant leaps to keep pace with the growing demand. It also benefited from the surge of digital empowerment that made communication easier, faster and secure.

Video conferencing technology has come a long way from its earliest avatars to becoming accessible and affordable to most small and medium enterprises across the world. Video conferencing is being adopted by businesses at a much faster pace now than before, thanks to immense technological advancements in broadcast and access to high-speed broadband. A survey conducted by a reputed research agency recently has pegged the growth percent of video conferencing market at 0.7% by 2023. This will make the video conferencing market worth $4.5 billion.

June 27

Making employee-friendly Audio Video solutions and meeting rooms

People tend to stay away from any technology that appears complicated, and instead of making functions easier and simpler, makes people spend much of their time figuring out the functions, connections and glitches. The same goes for modern enterprise collaboration solutions. It has been noticed among corporations worldwide that their employees do not adopt to the AV technology available in the premises as they feel that the technology doesn’t help them becoming more efficient. In fact, many people feel that complicated technology hampers their productivity and doesn’t suit their working style. People usually shy away from complicated or outdated audio visual technology around them at their work places and rely more on simpler and easy-to-use methods and equipment they have been used to.

April 27

Huddle Rooms: Future Spaces of Collaboration

Huddle Rooms in organisations are getting very popular as preferred collaboration spaces by small teams and groups of people. Huddle rooms are smaller, more casual spaces that are not at all intimidating or overwhelming like large conference rooms and big team meetings. In practice and style, huddle rooms are very different from traditional conference rooms. The conventional board rooms are no longer sought after spaces for team collaboration as technology has made it possible to equip smaller spaces with enterprise-grade, affordable online collaboration tools with HD video and audio quality and seamlessly connected ecosystem.

March 2

Things you should consider for your AV set-up: Part 1

For any AV set-up, audio plays an equally significant, if not more, role than video. Audio quality determines the depth and intensity of any collaborative experience. When people in a team or from different teams, located in different places, are able to hear each other with clarity and without any glitch, the engagement becomes meaningful and productive. An AV set-up that provides rich audio quality to local as well as remote participants enables a work experience that people find fruitful. On the other hand, if the audio is muffled or difficult to understand from different sources or locations, the collaborative experience becomes an exercise in frustration and disappointment where team members are wastefully tied up with figuring out the audio or other media broadcast rather than the important business issues at hand.