Cloud Managed Switches

Meraki cloud-managed switches include features for streamlining the work of the network engineer, from deployment to security to troubleshooting.

Multigigabit Ethernet
Provide the higher performance demanded by the latest access points over existing cabling.

Flexible Stacking
Simultaneously configure thousands of ports across standalone and physically stacked switches, regardless of location.

Layer 7 Visibility
Meraki switches make it easy to understand how valuable network resources are being used.

Layer 3 Scalability
Build large, resilient networks using dynamic routing protocols and warm spare technology.

Voice & Video QoS
Give latency sensitive applications the priority and bandwidth they deserve with configurable QoS.

Network Topology
View the network in real-time, showing devices and their connections and even monitor network-wide health.

Remote Live Tools
Powerful tools for identifying and correcting issues, even from thousands of miles away.

Enterprise Security
Protect the wired network from both external and internal threats.