Cloud Managed security cameras

Centralized Cloud Management
The Meraki dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Edge Storage
128GB of high write endurance solid state storage on each camera eliminates the need for an NVR.

Optimized Retention
Use motion-based retention and scheduled recording to customize video storage plans for every deployme

Advanced Analytics
Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities onboard each MV12.

Motion Search
Dynamically and retroactively select areas of interest in a video stream to find that missing laptop, then export clips directly from the dashboard.

Encrypted By Default
Video is encrypted at rest and during transport by default, with automated TLS certificate provisioning.

Granular Access Controls
Easily define who can see which video streams, view historical footage, and export video, all from the dashboard.

Firmware Always Up-to-Date
Feature releases, firmware updates, and bug fixes are always pushed automatically and at no additional cost with active license.