Our International Alliances

We at Telecraft believe in thinking beyond the mundane and boundaries and this philosophy led to grow the alliance and partner network to become one point destination to clients in services at global locations. Our partnership with Aura Alliance is a change-maker move in our growth and possibilities of reach.


Aura Alliance the largest Avaya-endorsed global alliance to deploy and support worldwide converged communication with more than 50 registered partners around the globe and 3,200 specialists working as one. AA develops applications with Avaya for certified integrations with expertise in Avaya pricing strategy across the world and taxes give AA a competitive advantage. The association with Aura Alliance leverages our capabilities in providing global Avaya design, deployments and support –

  • Single point of contact
  • Provide pricing consistency, fast
  • Coordination of special bids and global discounts
  • Deep understanding of Support Advantage contracts
  • Knowledge of taxes and duties
  • Consistency the customer understands
  • Uniform SLAs globally
  • Endorsed by Avaya