IT Integration and Networking

Telecraft undertakes comprehensive analysis of an enterprise's process and information. It involves a procedure to encompass all IT facets and course of actions into a single practice.

Enterprise Architecture solutions help to: Analyze, plan and execute changes with better approach. Align various platforms and technologies . Create the roadmap for developing IT architectural methodologies and achieving business goals. Attain enhanced compliance and more predictable project results.

Our services include

  • Architecture Design
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Optimization Solution
  • Implementation planning

System Integration

  • Technology Consulting
  • Solution Architecture and Management
  • Implementation and Training Support
  • Service Level Management

Infrastructure Services

  • Database Management
  • Network Planning and Designing
  • Application Analysis and Maintenance
  • Installation Support
  • Remote IT support

Power Back up Solution

  • Installation & Configuration of UPS
  • Troubleshooting of Issues
  • Scheduled System Administration Activities

Network Management

  • Network Planning and Designing
  • Enterprise Network Transformation
  • Network Convergence
  • Network Security

Technical Support

  • Trouble Shooting Support
  • Installation Support
  • Software Usage and Problems
  • Application Queries
  • Remote IT Support
  • Product Upgrading & Enhancements