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Top video conferencing trends to look out for in 2017

Globalisation started with, and still remains the fulcrum of, business, with video conferencing as the logical extension of that vision. Growth of globalised business community spurred the need for advance, more reliable communication technologies to facilitate connections and conversation in real time with ease. Business communication technology has witnessed significant leaps to keep pace with the growing demand. It also benefited from the surge of digital empowerment that made communication easier, faster and secure.

Video conferencing technology has come a long way from its earliest avatars to becoming accessible and affordable to most small and medium enterprises across the world. Video conferencing is being adopted by businesses at a much faster pace now than before, thanks to immense technological advancements in broadcast and access to high-speed broadband. A survey conducted by a reputed research agency recently has pegged the growth percent of video conferencing market at 0.7% by 2023. This will make the video conferencing market worth $4.5 billion.

In this light, it is important to remain updated on the current trends in video conferencing industry and how businesses are using this technology to meet their unique requirements. Here are some key trends that are shaping up the video conferencing segment.

Cloud video conferencing solutions

An encouraging shift is taking place in video conferencing segment where businesses worldwide are moving towards cloud-based video collaboration solutions from on-site collaboration systems. There are many benefits of cloud-based service that businesses are recognising increasingly, hence this shift. Cloud-based video conferencing is more affordable with all the features of a physical on-site installation. Businesses availing cloud-based service don’t have to buy expensive equipment, and pay for installation, AV integration and maintenance. All the advanced features of video, data sharing, latest software and interface, and security are available and managed by the service providers. As a business house, you don’t have to pay for licensing multiple software too. With cloud video conferencing, you also offer great flexibility to your employees.

BYOD culture

Global presence, advanced technology and larger teams have made BYOD integral to most businesses. BOYD practice and policy is increasingly being adopted facilitating business growth, flexibility to employees, mobility, convergence and multi-lateral engagements. Work is no more a place where you head to every morning. It is available to you at your convenience helping work-life balance enhancing productivity as well as individual growth and satisfaction.

Video conferencing will Unified Communications

Unified communications and collaboration has provided more efficient to organisations to collaborate with the team members, employees, clients and customers, and business partners located in different remote locations across the world.  Video conferencing in its modern form has become far richer and effective with great features of high-definition audio-video broadcast, data sharing, chats, managing data, recording and cataloguing the conversations for future reference. With excellent face-to-face communication, without the need and hassle of travel, video conferencing reduces the possibilities of errors, miscommunication and confusion to a large extent. It also brings the conversation alive when every participant is able to see others and relate more at deeper, personal level.

Mobile video conferencing

Smart organisations and businesses have moved beyond static, physical workplaces, and with the help of innovative technology, become friendlier with mobile workforce. This is a liberating experience for most of the young, modern workforce who appreciate the freedom to work at the place and time of their own choice. Mobility and flexibility are no more options but necessary aspects of any big, ambitious business to stay relevant and keep pace with the changing practices, technology and expectations.Mobile video conferencing solutions come handy in this context. These are easily downloadable apps that turn your pocket mobile device into your workstation. This has given credence and acceptability to ‘mobile-first’ ideology across the world. This strategy of giving preference to mobile video conferencing is a significant step towards making your business future-ready and sustained.

Hosted video conferencing

The latest trend in video conferencing that is gaining popularity at a face pace is hosted video. Small and medium level organisations are the ones who stand to benefit the most with this technology that helps them bridge the gap with larger companies who can afford and deploy more expensive video conferencing solutions for business growth. Video Hosting service offers all the convenience and advantage of modern video conferencing solutions at low cost with minimal requirements of upgradation and investment from the clients’ end.

All the latest trends talked above are the among the most significant features of advanced video conferencing that the business world is adopting at a very rapid pace to trigger efficiency and growth. Cloud-based solutions have become popular on the strengths of their affordability and range of features at much lower cost. What started as video conferencing, has given way to BYOD and mobile video conferencing that now drive the next phase of enterprise communication technology. Hence, it is very important to remain updated with the best and latest that is happening in the business communication so that you are not left behind when the surge of technology takes the ones way ahead who have been ready for it.

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