October 7

The Role of AV Integrators in the Workplace

Not many years ago, working in a corporate environment and communicating with peers, seniors and juniors, happened using the audiovisual (AV), information technology (IT) and telecommunications fields. But with the evolution of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), all these fields have fused into each other, and now work in conjunction to provide the user with seamless communication to achieve the enterprise goal.UCC combines applications, devices, services, and infrastructure to enable a user experience in which participants can connect, meet, and exchange content. UCC can be deployed on premises, hosted or managed, or provided in the cloud. Applications and services may include audio and videoconferencing, instant messaging, presence information (i.e., the users’ availability), scheduling, content management, and media sharing delivered over desktop and mobile devices and in-room systems. The infrastructure, providing network, compute and storage capabilities, may be physical or virtualized. The most effective implementations provide an adaptive interface that maintains a consistent look and feel across many devices while managing a diverse suite of UCC capabilities. UCC is not that someone can buy from a firm or a vendor, but it is an outcome which is a coherent strategy, planning, and a blend of tools and infrastructure to support the multiple, unique needs of an organization. This is where the role of an AV integrator becomes important.

Today organisations are rigorously assessing how AV integrators can benefit their processes, functions and cultures to determine the most dynamic impact. The primary goal of the AV integrators is to create exceptional experiences that are greater than the sum of content, technology, and space.

AV integrators are today facing challenges of hyper–connectivity in the workplace, managing network capacity, complex systems and location flexibility. But overcoming these challenges, AV integrators are answering more complex questions and creating never-before-possible innovations and profit opportunities. AV integrators now have the unique ability to anticipate all of the ways employees will want to use a given room for collaboration and they can make all of these permutations possible.

The traditional silos of communication such as audio conferencing, videoconferencing, communications via mobile devices, emails and instant messaging, have merged. UCC exploits the opportunities enabled by mobile devices and overcome the challenges of distances and disparate communication methods, creating an interconnected environment for communication and become an integral part of today’s corporate workplace.купить люстру потолочную в москвеflt

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