December 6

Video Conferencing In The Health Sector: Challenges And Opportunities

Video conferencing has benefited almost all sectors and helped those sectors to grow rapidly. With high-speed internet connection, high definition video conferencing and portable devices to conduct video conferencing, work and decision making have become easier and faster.

Health sector has also benefited a lot from this technology of video conferencing. For doctors to remain abreast with the latest development in the field of medicine is necessary. At times,attending seminars or workshops might be difficult due to geographic location or time constraint.

October 20

Expand The Classroom: Video Conferencing In The Education Sector

Education is a big sector with huge scope of improvisation in terms of technology apart from techniques of teaching and learning. Many professional and non-professional courses have started using video conferencing as a way of imparting education.The timing of the classes can be flexible and students or executives can choose the timing accordingly. This method has helped those who face challenges to travel a distance and get the valuable knowledge they striveto achieve.

October 7

The Role of AV Integrators in the Workplace

Not many years ago, working in a corporate environment and communicating with peers, seniors and juniors, happened using the audiovisual (AV), information technology (IT) and telecommunications fields. But with the evolution of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), all these fields have fused into each other, and now work in conjunction to provide the user with seamless communication to achieve the enterprise goal.