June 27

Making employee-friendly Audio Video solutions and meeting rooms

People tend to stay away from any technology that appears complicated, and instead of making functions easier and simpler, makes people spend much of their time figuring out the functions, connections and glitches. The same goes for modern enterprise collaboration solutions. It has been noticed among corporations worldwide that their employees do not adopt to the AV technology available in the premises as they feel that the technology doesn’t help them becoming more efficient. In fact, many people feel that complicated technology hampers their productivity and doesn’t suit their working style. People usually shy away from complicated or outdated audio visual technology around them at their work places and rely more on simpler and easy-to-use methods and equipment they have been used to.

Here, the responsibility of closing the gap between the requirements of the employees and business communication technology lies with the leaders and the managers. They need to take the initiative to overcome this hurdle and make technology friendly and attractive to their teams. The aim is to provide a collaborative environment that people enjoy using with people-friendly technologies and adequate training and updates. Only the installation of office Audio Video solutions doesn’t ensure that productivity and efficiency of the team goes up. AV integration is a complex process but has to ensure that all that complication of technology, connections, layers of various technologies and protocols do not come out in the open to the simple user, intimidating her and discouraging others.

Some key Points to remember when creating employee-friendly Office Audio Video solutions and meeting rooms.

Ensure user-friendly with up-to-date technology

Audio Video solutions and set-up is a cost-intensive thing, and the pace of advancement of technology usually leaves older technologies either redundant or dated. Businesses worldwide face this complex conundrum. In most of the cases, any expensive update or addition to the existing office Audio Video solution is postponed because of expensive software licenses, hardware, new AV integration cost, etc. This leaves employees to deal with out dated technology for important business communications. Also, it has been widely seen that there is no one in the office who is fully trained in maintaining or running the AV system. So, a big expenditure goes for minimal usage.

Thankfully, most modern communication technologies are extremely user-friendly. Most Audio Video solutions are plug-n-play, and come with interactive touch master control panel which enables complete control over every equipment connected to the overall Audio Video solution like microphones, speakers, displays, lighting, air conditioning, scheduling, projectors, etc. However, it is advisable to rope in an experienced AV integrator to introduce the communication and control system to the team and showcase how it makes work and life simpler in many ways. An expert AV integrator designs a custom-made solution as per your specific requirement ensuring that the Audio Video solution is future-proof, is compatible with many other platforms and technologies, and is highly scalable whenever the need arises.

Interactive collaboration is the key

Interactive technology is far more exciting that allows people to interact and share data in terms of files, chats, etc. with participants from different location. Enterprise collaboration solutions with interactive technology are favoured by the employees to connect with teams, clients, customers and partners. With people now exposed to advanced, interactive and simpler technologies in their mobile devices, the expectation from a business communication system is rather high.

AV training for the team

In order to ensure that team members and employees use the technology effectively to enhance their productivity and performance, it is very important that proper AV training should be imparted to them on how to use the Audio Video solution and make the best out of the available technology. It should be made attractive to them by showcasing how the advanced technology reduces the time taken and makes work simpler and much more interesting. In the absence of such training, any new technology appears intimidating and distant. It is very important to demystify the complexity and explain to the team how convenient it is to use.

Once the employees get acquainted with the technology and know how to use these tools, they are more likely to use it thus making the video conferencing an inviting and pleasant experience for everyone. To best utilise the resources, one should take services of expert AV integrators and service providers who provide ready-made training material that employees can go through and train themselves.

Integrated scheduling systems as an entry-point toward friendly Audio Video solution

Scheduling panels mounted outside the meeting rooms is the first interaction people have with advanced collaboration technology. Businesses should aim at providing interactive scheduling panels that are touch-based and provide instant information about the availability of one particular or any other meeting room available in the premises. This helps avoiding over-booking the room or last minute change of room or cancellations. Interactive scheduling panels integrate with organisational calendar that employees can access from their work stations too and book the meeting rooms conveniently.

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