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Common Video Conferencing Myths

Every new technology, when introduced or unveiled, goes through this phase where there are numerous presumptions and assumptions formed and circulated about it. These observations, mostly passed on unverified and untested gradually subside once more and more people start using and benefiting from it.

Same goes for the benefits of video conferencing technology. For a large number of businesses across the globe, video conferencing technology is changing the way people do business and transact every day. Yet, there are many myths associated with video conferencing which keep many other people and organisations from adopting it and take advantage of. Here, we put together some common misconceptions that we hear around so that you may check these against your own requirement. You might realise that video conferencing is much larger and helpful than what it is made to appear by the people who resist technology and change.

Video conferencing is too expensive

Modern avatar and technology of video collaboration is very much accessible and affordable even for small and medium-sized organisations. Video conferencing used to be cost intensive affair and only big companies with deep pockets could afford the infrastructure. Not anymore. Technology has made things simpler, more efficient and friendly at the same time more affordable. With cloud-based video conferencing, you can connect all your team members and employees as well as clients, customers and partners in any part of the part with high-definition audio-video broadcast and a range of features at nominal cost. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upgradation cost as well. The service provider for any cloud-based video conferencing service takes care of all your business communication requirements with high security of your data with the flexibility of downgrade or upgrade whenever the need arises.

Video conferencing is complicated

This is another big issue that people fear that video conferencing technology is complicated. Many organisations have witnessed that there is always a small number of people who resist getting familiar with the new technology thinking that it would make matters worse for them instead of helping them. Organisations also feel that the complete enterprise collaboration infrastructure along with audio-video integration is way too complex and needs expertise in one way or other.

However, modern video conferencing technology has made the interface between technology and humans extremely simple, intelligent and streamlined. Most video collaboration systems now are fully equipped units in themselves and only need to be plugged in to start working on. For example, mobile video conferencing needs only an app to connect with any video conference in any part of the world.

Video conferencing will make employees slack

Many organisations still harbour the old-fashioned idea of work where employees need to come to work and clock requisite hours. For many, video conferencing technology and the increasingly popular trend worldwide of working at your own choice of time and place are not efficient and make employees lazy and unproductive.

While the reports and recent surveys show a completely different picture about the people and organisations who thrive on video conferencing technology, taking benefits of mobile video conferencing and employee-friendly work arrangement. Research shows that with the flexibility and mobility, employees and team members work more responsibly and efficiently. The onus of ownership and responsibility and meeting timelines is regarded high when the organisations put in trust in their employees and offer them the latest technology to make life better, balancing work-life cycle and not working under pressure all the time.

Video conferencing is an IT hassle

Most people think of video conferencing in terms of IT overhead.The synchronisation of equipment, networking and integration was to be managed and maintained by the IT department of the organisation. This used to be a man hours and capital intensive task. However, with advanced technology, the management and maintenance have become as easy as a touch interface of your mobile device. Many video conferencing solutions now come bundled with easy-to-use maintenance system that makes it easy for the team to manage without much stress. In addition, cloud-based video conferencing offers a complete hassle free video collaboration experience where you neither have to purchase and install expensive hardware, nor you have to worry about maintenance which is a part of the service contract with the service provider.

In the light of these issues, it becomes clear that video conferencing is the future of business collaboration and communication. Organisations and businesses worldwide should keep themselves updated about the latest technology and innovations in this field. This will help them prepare for future with technology leading the way.

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